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Canadian owned and operated, Artisan Classic Organ Inc. is a registered Canadian company with no financial or other connection to any other company bearing the same or similar names. It was created in 1990 by the merger of Artisan Organ Ltd. and The Classic Organ Company Ltd. (1976). It is now wholely owned by current CEO - Henry Wemekamp, who was the original founder of The Classic Organ Company in 1976.

Our company is located in Markham, a suburb on the northeastern edge of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For more than 40 years, we have been designing, building, and selling electronic components for classical electronic, and pipe organs. We have earned our reputation for customer satisfaction by providing superior products, services, and technical support.

Artisan Classic Organ Inc. does business under the names: Classic Organ Works, Classic Organbuilders, and Classic MIDI Works, and has several web sites focusing on distinct product areas and clients.

Classic Organ Works
brings modern, electronic technology to the organ-building industry by designing and manufacturing electronic components for classical and theatre organs, both pipe and electronic. Our technically advanced Pipe Organ Control Systems have been installed in hundreds of pipe and electronic organs in churches and homes around the world, including the two largest organs in Canada - at Metropolitan Community Church in Toronto, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, and in famous concert halls such as Boston Symphony Hall, and Merrill Auditorium (Portland ME) in the USA!

The Classic Organ Company was one of the first to bring micro-processor technology into the pipe organ, over 40 years ago. We are currently delivering a new generation of pipe organ control technology, based on an embedded Intel computer running the Linux operating system, and our "Organ App" called "Maestro". This allows a host of new features such as Internet connectivity, and wireless connection between console and pipe chambers.

In the '90s', Classic developed its own advanced, digitally-sampled tone-generation system and was one of the first to use such technology within pipe organs.

Our proprietary CAD software - OrganWorksTM is used by organists and organ builders all over the world to specify their requirements for an organ-control system. By dramatically reducing errors and omissions in the specification for a control system, time is saved and cost reduced.

Classic Organ Works has recently renewed its website. Please have a look!

Over the years, Classic Organ Works has accumulated vast experience with MIDI in the pipe-organ world. That experience led, in 2003, to the development of the Classic MIDI Works line of products for home and practice use, and for adding MIDI to keyboards and other organ-related devices.

More and more products have been added, including many new products such as keyboards and pedalboards that now allow organists to create a home practise instrument using Classic hardware and Hauptwerk "virtual pipe organ" software for the PC or Mac. Hauptwerk is a software program that will play sample libraries created by many firms around the world, who create "virtual organs" for the program. They go to famous churches and record every stop, note by note, and capture the unique sounds of the organ's pipes, and also the accoustics of the building.

Please visit the MIDI Works store where you can purchase many of our products as well as Hauptwerk software and Hauptwerk virtual organs. We offer fast world-wide shipping of all our products!

In order to promote the pipe organ, and to give the growing Hauptwerk community a home on the Internet, we created a "Concert Hall" site:, to allow organists to upload their performances on Hauptwerk-based instruments, so that they could be heard and enjoyed by fellow organists and organ misic fans around the world. Please visit our Concert Hall. There you will find over 20,000 performances by thousands of organists from around the world, all free to download and enjoy!

In order to provide an easy way for the organ community to exchange used organ consoles and equipment, as well as find nearby organ builders and servicemen who can provide tuning and technical services, Classic has created a free Organ-Classifeds site on the Internet. If you are an organbuilder, this is your chance to clean out your warehouse! If your church has an old console - no longer used, but taking up space, why don't you list it on Listing is free. Please visit often to see what's being offered!

Another unique Classic product is the MIDIjet Pro, our Wireless MIDI System. It allows performers on stage to use MIDI keyboards and MIDI controllers, unfettered by cables. MIDIjet Pro also is used in churches to allow MIDI keyboards to play the organ from a remote location such as the rear balcony! MIDIjet Pro is in use by many of the world's famous touring artists, including the Rolling Stones and U2. Our newest version, MIDIjet Pro USB now includes a built-in USB interface, so it plugs directly into a computer's USB socket - no additional MIDI interface required! And it is bi-directional!

Classic Organbuilders
is the retail division of Artisan Classic Organ Inc. which sells, installs and services classical electronic organs, primarily in Ontario, Canada.

Classic has, over many years, offered high quality factory-built organs by several famous European builders, as well as fine custom-built instruments using Classic, Walker Technical, Viscount (CM-100), or Hauptwerk tone generation technology. All are installed in the traditions and principles of classical pipe-organ building. Classic Organ is currently an authorized dealer for Ahlborn-Galanti classical organs and Viscount CM-100 organ voice modules.

Artisan Classic Organ Inc. is dedicated to providing superior products and services to organists, organ-builders, and musicians. We have earned a number of patents for technologies; have a proven record of introducing innovative solutions for the organ community; and a legacy of satisfied customers.

Artisan Classic Organ Inc. provides tools that give voice to music.